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What’s Your Vehicle Really Worth?

Get your car’s free CARFAX History-Based Value to see how much money’s sitting in your driveway. To see the most accurate trade-in value for your car, just enter either your license plate number, VIN or your vehicle’s make and model below. The number that pops out will astound you and likely push you toward a McCarthy car dealer near you. And if you’re okay with that, we’re okay with that.

CARFAX Value vs. Book Value

Not all used car trade-in values are the same. A CARFAX History-Based Value is more precise and comprehensive than your standard KBB estimates, as the evaluation takes into account many different factors when determining a trade-in price. In addition to calculating value traditionally – which is usually based on a vehicle’s model year, model, make, trim, features, mileage, location and overall condition – the CARFAX trade-in assessment also looks at:

  • Number of owners
  • Accident history
  • Recorded service and maintenance history
  • Registration history
  • Open and closed recalls
  • Type of use (rental, fleet, personal, corporate, etc.)

The result is the clearest picture of what your car is worth, allowing you to decide whether to buy, sell, or trade your car into a dealership near you.

Once you get your CARFAX History-Based Value, we recommend bringing it into one of our McCarthy auto dealers near Kansas City. Why? We offer one of the best vehicle exchange programs in the area. When you trade a car in for a new or used vehicle, you can receive up to $500 more in trade-in bonus cash! On top of those five Benjamins, you may also gain access to better auto financing options and car loans with lower monthly payments. But it all starts with your trade-in value request and a call to a McCarthy car dealership near you.