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Exchange Your Car in Kansas City

Sales of used cars have picked up as of late, and our inventory has dwindled-which is great news if you're ready to upgrade! Because we're desperate to fill our Kansas City car dealerships with high-quality used cars, we're more than willing to pay you for yours. By joining our McCarthy Exchange Program, you can trade in your vehicle for a new one, all while maintaining your same monthly car loan payment. It's a win-win scenario if you're looking to buy a new car in Kansas City.

How the McCarthy Exchange Program Works

Used car buyers are constantly searching for late-model vehicles with low mileage. To keep up with demand, our used car dealerships near Kansas City need quality pre-owned vehicles from people like you.

To begin exchanging your vehicle into a McCarthy dealership, simply make an inquiry using the form on this page. Enter your contact info and vehicle details, click 'submit' and wait for a response from a member of our sales team.

Next, we'll schedule an appointment to visit your nearest Kansas City car dealer for a free inspection and exchange evaluation. That's right-it's absolutely free and there's no obligation to exchange or trade in your vehicle. (But we will make it worth your while if you choose to.)

We'll then give you an exchange quote and pair you up with a comparable new vehicle. Our auto financing team will gladly work with you to reduce or altogether eliminate your down payment and preserve your previous auto loan's terms and payments. We may even lower your costs!

Benefits of Exchanging Your Car at McCarthy

Need to upgrade to a minivan due to the impending arrival of -- surprise! -- twins? Have to switch to a compact car for a longer commute outside of Kansas City? As part of the McCarthy Exchange Program, you'll always have a lifeline when your life doesn't line up as expected. In addition to keeping a similar monthly payment, exchanging your car for a new one at McCarthy may provide you with the following perks:

  • Better financing rates on a car loan
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Reset miles and warranty coverage
  • Reduced cost of car ownership
  • New technology and safety features
  • Upgrade to current model year
  • Up to $500 in trade-in bonus cash

Don't wait for your vehicle to lose its resale value. Bring it into your McCarthy dealer in Kansas City to swap it out with a nicer, newer, and comparably priced ride. Fill out our exchange form or find and contact a Kansas City car dealership for more details about our McCarthy Exchange Program.