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*With approved credit. Estimated monthly payment based on $4,159 down, 72 months at 4% APR. Estimated Monthly payment is based on standard equipment and may vary from vehicle to vehicle. All payments are estimates. Tax, title, registration and dealer documentation fees are extra.

Can you really afford that new car?

Understanding your budget is the first step toward being a responsible car owner. Just because you can get an auto loan for that brand-new, top-of-the-line sports car doesn't mean you should. With our free car loan calculator, you'll be able to estimate your monthly auto finance payments before even taking a test drive!

It's incredibly easy to use, too. Just enter your max price point-browse our inventory of used cars and new cars for sale in Kansas City to get an idea of what that may be-preferred down payment amount, estimated APR, and term length. Voila! Your car loan payment estimation is ready to be analyzed with a fine-toothed comb. If you need help applying for a car loan or getting a good auto financing rate, just contact a specialist at your nearest McCarthy car dealership near Kansas City!

Common Car Financing Terms to Know

  • Bad Credit Loan - Auto loans that are granted to buyers with "bad" or "poor" credit (usually FICO scores below 600).
  • Debt-to-Income Radio - Percentage of borrower debt compared to their annual income.
  • Depreciation - Decline of a vehicle's resale value due to age, wear, and projected used car values.
  • Down Payment - Money paid by borrower at the beginning of the contract to lower the overall finance amount on the vehicle.
  • Equity - Value of the vehicle compared to the money you put into the loan. Positive equity refers to a vehicle resale value that is higher than the loan balance. Negative equity refers to a loan balance that is higher than the value of the vehicle.
  • Interest Rate - Annual rate of interest or finance charges on a car loan.
  • MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggest Retail Price.
  • Principal - Total amount owed on an auto loan, less interest.
  • Term - Time, usually in months, in which a borrower must make car finance payments.
  • Trade-in Value - Estimated value of your vehicle when trading it in for a new or used car at the dealership. Use our Kansas City trade-in value tool to see how much you can get for your vehicle.