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Quality tires offer a level of security and peace of mind unsurpassed by that of cheaper-grade car tires. In fact, no matter how good your engine, suspension, or brakes are, if your tires aren't making solid contact with the road, you might see firsthand why name-brand ones consistently outperform generic tires. So don't skimp on your car tires! Instead, come to one of McCarthy Auto Group's many tire stores in the Kansas City area, and get discount pricing on the highest quality tires. 

At the McCarthy family of dealerships, we carry and install a wide variety of the finest tire brands, including Firestone, Hankook, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Cooper, BF Goodrich, Kelly, Uniroyal, Dunlop, Continental, and more. You can order tires at any of our dealerships and install them yourself, or our team of experienced tire experts will be happy to put them on for you and dispose of your old tires. 

Your choice of tires should be dependent on how you drive and the typical road conditions in which you drive. For pickup owners, all-terrain and winter-grade truck tires might make the most sense because they'll offer a high amount of surface area and deeper tread-perfect for snowy, muddy, and slick conditions. If you're looking to buy tires for your two-door coupe, a standard set of all-season tires that are sized for your car should work well. If you're not sure which set of tires will work best for you, contact an associate at your nearest McCarthy dealership to schedule an appointment. 

Of course, we're always happy to assist you in making your decision. At McCarthy Auto Group, we're proud to offer drivers in the greater Kansas City area the largest selection of tires for virtually any late-model vehicle. Shop 24/7 at our online stores today, or stop by your closest McCarthy tire store in Kansas City or the surrounding area.